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COVID-19 & Its’ Impact On TDG Sales In 2020

Many of our clients have been asking!

How is the real estate market, given the current COVID-19 situation?
The answer is this — we are still forging ahead! Our recommendations to home sellers & to home buyers?

Home Sellers!

If you are motivated, and want a quick sale — list your home at your lowest expected & acceptable price. We have listed several homes at or slightly below market value recently — those homes did NOT hang around on the market,  but sold within days of listing. Some of those listings sold significantly ABOVE the asking price. Inventory is still low, which has helped to keep real estate sales moving and prices steady. We are not suggesting a price far below market value. Instead, list AT market value (or a thousand or so below). This approach often generates multiple offers and a sales price that is higher than market value. Again, inventory is low and homes ARE SELLING when well priced, making it a great time to list your home.

Home Buyers!

Yes, buyers ARE finding DEALS in the current market! If you are longing for a property in Southwest Florida, this scenario is likely going to be short lived. Move quickly for the best pricing on a home purchase. As cabin fever has become commonplace, many people are understanding the value of owning a property in the warm weather. Quarantine can be much less dreadful when there is a pool in your backyard and sunshine in the sky.  Our phones have been ringing off the hook with buyers requesting information about particular homes.  We have been touring properties and sending video footage to eager buyers.  Buyers are purchasing from a distance, often without physically visiting the property.  It’s been an interesting time, for sure! RECORD LOW INTEREST RATES, along with competitive pricing make this an excellent time to be a SWFL buyer. Buyers need to move quickly as a purchase over the next few months could mean a true “bargain.”

The Dellatore Group had a record breaking four months, in terms of sales volume — over 28 MILLION in sales in 2020 so far!

Compare that to last year’s numbers — we were just over 12 Million in May!!
Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
Call Angela Lutzi at 239-675-9464 with any questions. Email works, too!

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