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Top 10 Reasons Why YOU May Want To Consider Investing In SWFL Real Estate!

The news continues to focus on Coronavirus and the economy.  Interest rates have plummeted, along with the stock market. NOW might very well be the BEST time to consider the idea of investing in the Southwest Florida real estate market.  There are many reasons why you should consider this idea!
Below are the top 10 I hear from investors in the area.  Scott and I also invest heavily in Southwest Florida for many of the same reasons below:
  • One of only five states with a low tax burden — NO state tax and NO local tax!
  • Tax incentives for retirees.
  • The state with the most reliable and predictable year round weather, with a low tax burden.
  • Lack of rental inventory — you can easily rent your property for two of the most desirable winter months.  This will help to carry the home expenses throughout the year. Sometimes, the amount collected over a 2-3 month period can cover HOA fees, electric and taxes for the whole year!
  • Influx of baby boomers! They just keep on coming, helping the economy to keep on growing!
  • These days, people of all ages have the ability to work remotely; that means they can choose to forego cold and damp winter weather.  This will make your investment property highly desirable all year round! And you may be able to utilize your property yourself during the brutal, northern winter.
  • SWFL is growing rapidly.  Remember when Miami was affordable??? SWFL is STILL affordable but times —  they are a changin’!
  • Location — 🌴
  • Location — 🌇
  • As real estate brokers/owners, we invest ourselves and we choose SWFL — we own 4 rental properties here and continue to purchase more!
We believe in the SWFL market!! With interest rates so low, now is certainly one of the BEST times to buy a property in the SWFL area.  You simply can’t go wrong. With homes priced from 99k to the millions — there is something for everyone in Southwest Florida — homes in Bonita Springs, Naples and Fort Myers!  A deal is just waiting for you!!
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