Kaitlin Hale


The Dellatorè Real Estate Group

25263 Chamber Of Commerce Dr. Bonita Springs, FL 34135

I am Kaitlin Hale- an adventurous, hardworking, go-getter -- wI will stop at nothing to provide my clients with the best service! At the young age of 14, I took on my first real job. I realized quickly, that what you get out of life is all about what you put in.


I grew up on the East Coast of Florida in Fort Lauderdale and moved to Naples when I was a little girl. In an attempt to find my "identity" as a teenager, I would often work 2-3 jobs at a time. Working so many jobs made me realize how much I enjoy the idea of servicing my community. In addition to working for a paycheck, I quickly realized that the real satisfaction of "work" was the help that I provided to people. It was then that I also decided to become an active volunteer. Upon graduating from high school, I had already accumulated over 600 hours of community service!


After high school, I attended college but soon realized another love -- real estate! I was fortunate to shadow my mom, a 30 year veteran Real Estate Appraiser in Naples! After seeing so many houses and helping with so many reports, I realized that I loved what I was doing. About a year later I sat for my Real Estate Sales Associate state test and passed with flying colors. Now nothing makes me happier than being able to share the beauty and serenity of South West Florida with others by helping them with their dream of finding a perfect home right here in paradise.


My love for helping others, the feeling of "home" and my appreciation of the beauty of Southwest Florida are all qualities that set me apart from other agents in the area. Call me today!