Scott Dellatore

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The Dellatorè Group

25263 Chamber Of Commerce Dr. Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Scott Dellatore, Broker/Owner - A practitioner of patience, a supporter, a smiler, a hugger, an all around good guy who’s always trying to be a better man, husband and friend.

I don’t tend to talk about myself much. I grew up in a small, blue collar town and spent my early years dreaming of getting away from it, dreaming of gaining some small measure of success, enough to have a house that I owned and liked, one I could see myself raising a family in, and a job I didn’t hate. After getting a degree in criminal justice, I chose to pursue a career in education and counseling, rather than turning to a career in law enforcement and I’m glad I did. It was not only a perfect fit for my personality, it ultimately led me to meeting Angela, the woman who for whatever reason found me worthy. Ever since meeting her, my life has been inexorably intertwined with her dreams and loves and aspirations, and I’m grateful for every bit of it. When we started planning a move out of the cold mountains of PA, we traveled to every part of Florida we’d ever heard of, and we both absolutely fell in love with Bonita Springs. Its energy, its people, its quaint and yet somehow oddly urban and gritty downtown,  all of it appealed to us as people.

Helping people make this place home has been the most natural transition. We’d both dealt with plenty of real estate remodels and sales in PA, but here, in our new home in Bonita, we could do all of those things with genuine smiles on our faces. We could gush about the Barefoot Beach, our morning runs on the shore, the warmth of everyone we’d met and we could mean it wholeheartedly. So that’s what we do now, happily, gleefully, and with no plans of stopping.”