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    Sell Your Home in Southwest Florida!

    Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you to make it happen.

    Do you want to sell your 
    Southwest Florida Home?

    Whether you are selling in Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers or selling in Naples,
    The Dellatoré Real Estate Group
    has you covered!

    Selling your home may very well be stressful, no matter how smoothly it goes. We’ve been there, and even as experienced real estate professionals, when it came to our home, we were stressed. It’s the nature of things when we move on, and few of us are wired to look forward to any major change in our lives; less so to boxes and moving trucks and storage arrangements. Both of us come from a counseling background, so we are experts at listening well, and at paying attention to what’s truly important to our clients. Whatever your reasons for selling may be, we’ll work with you closely to make sure that YOUR priorities are taken care of.
    Of course in addition to that, we’ll handle all the details, large and small. We’ll make sure your home sparkles in print and on the web. We are always full service, and we treat your property’s presentation and marketability as an extension of our reputations. So you’ll get all the perks of people who listen well, who execute on your best interests, and who happen to be rather great at marketing homes.

    In Brief, you get our very best guidance along with:

    • Professional photography of your property and the grounds
    • Staging and decluttering if needed
    • Unfiltered advice on repairs or remodeling and projected costs and outcomes as it pertains to ultimate selling price
    • Premier advertising on every relevant home search portal
    • Broker open house invitations and notices about your property to our vast network of industry collegues
    • Seamless handling of all documents, inspections, reports and all the paperwork and minutiae that comes with property transfer
    • Impeccable communication with you throughout the process. We’ll communicate with you however often you want us to and via whatever works for you, be it text, email, phone or over shared cups of coffee.
    • If you want to talk about selling your property, text us or give us a ring at: 239.675.9464
    • Or if you are simply curious to learn what your home is likely to sell for on today’s market, fill out this form and we’ll gladly give you our professional opinion, no strings attached.

    Selling Bonita Springs?

    If you are considering the idea of selling your Bonita Springs home or condo, you are likely trying to figure out how to choose a Bonita Springs listing agent. This process is not an easy one!  Even if you have already worked with a Southwest Florida listing agent, you may want to consider the idea of interviewing several Southwest Florida real estate agents to help you sell your Bonita Springs home or condo.
    There are several questions you will want to ask during the interview process.
    • What is my Bonita Springs home or condo worth?

    This is probably one of the most important questions for most sellers in Bonita Springs. The right Bonita Springs agent will have a great deal of experience in the Bonita Springs market and will understand home values. If your property is priced the right way for its’ condition and location, your Bonita Springs home or condo should sell quickly.
    • How will my Bonita Springs realtor market my home or condo?

    This is a critical question!  It is easy to take a listing but it is much more difficult to market and to sell a home.  The marketing of your Bonita Springs home or condo is very important. Will the Bonita Springs listing agent market your Bonita Springs home or condo via the internet?  Most buyers of Bonita Springs homes or condos begin their search from a distance and do not have access to local newspapers or print ads. While print ads can be effective, most Bonita Springs buyers will begin their home search on a website such as Zillow or Trulia. The Dellatore Real Estate Group spends a great deal of marketing dollars in order to be HIGHLY visible on such sites.? In addition, your ?Southwest Florida real estate agent should highlight your Bonita Springs listing on a beautifully designed website.  Postcards, open houses, internet marketing tools, television advertising, networking — these should all be part of the Bonita Springs listing agent’s presentation.
    • How skilled is my Bonita Springs listing agent at the art of negotiation?

    When you sign a sales contract on your Bonita Springs home or condo, you will likely feel ecstatic. While this is a very important step in getting your home sold, an executed contract on your Bonita Springs home or condo is only the beginning. While interviewing your Bonita Springs listing agent, it is important to understand how skilled he/she is in the art of negotiation.  Price, inspections, the final walk through — there are all sorts of issues that can arise and you want to be sure your Bonita Springs listing agent can get from the contract to the closing table.  Experienced


    Southwest Florida listing agents will be able to tell you how many of their deals actually made it to the closing table.  Chances are — if you feel comfortable and connect well with a Bonita Springs listing agent, that agent will also be able to use those same “people” skills while skillfully bringing your Bonita Springs home or condo to closing.
    • May I speak with one of my Bonita Springs listing agent’s previous sellers?

    Most excellent Bonita Springs listing agents will have a long list of previous satisfied clients.  Online testimonials are often available.  Do your research before you hire a Bonita Springs listing agent to sell your Bonita Springs home or condo.  One of the BEST ways to understand what kind of job your Bonita Springs listing agent will do is to speak with former clients!
    • Most importantly, which Southwest Florida listing agent makes me feel most comfortable?

    You will spend a great deal of time communicating with your Bonita Springs listing agent.  It is especially important for you to be comfortable and to have an excellent working relationship with him/her.  A Bonita Springs listing agent who is personable, like-able and professional will be much easier to work with. The home selling process can be stressful enough — it is important to actually like your Bonita Springs listing agent!
    Scott and Angela of The Dellatore Real Estate Group would love the opportunity to speak with you about the listing of your Bonita Springs home or condo. Please call with any questions. While we have attempted to answer many questions above, we understand there is nothing like an in person meeting! We would love to be your next Bonita Springs listing agents! 239.675.9464

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